Guilty Cop: When Police Officers are the ones who break the rules!


Guilty Cop


Delhi Police has done it again. This police officer, riding a bike, is least bothered about the rule he is breaking by driving without proper number plate. Why should he be bothered? He is a cop! Spotted near in the New Friends Colony Area, this cop was not caught, warned or penalized for this misconduct by any other traffic official in the area.

Guilty Cop


However, for “ordinary” people of Delhi, this is an offence under the section of DMVR/CMVR/M.V. Act – 50/177 MVA. People are fined Rs 90-100 for first offense and up to Rs. 270 for the second offence.

Not limited to this only, there are a number of similar incidents happening in the Capital which go unnoticed. If the cops show such carefree attitude towards obeying rules and regulations, how would they be able to motivate the people in general to abide by the rules which are made for their own safety? After all, cops are the mentors for the public when it comes to discipline.



But it seems that the scenario is completely different in Delhi. People take example from the ‘I-don’t-care-I-am-a-cop-attitude’ of police officers. Things need to be changed!! Do you agree?

If you have experienced any such incident or have similarly spotted a cop breaking rules, share it with us!!